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by Lucia

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The songs in this-my first- album were recorded in different places from 2001 through 2007. The album was released in 2008
Dreaming (3) and Angel (4) were featured on Season 6 of "The L Word".
All rights reserved © Lucia Iman 2008


released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Mr. Green
Never wrote a song ‘bout love before
Never thought such love was possible
So let me attempt to,
take it for what it’s worth
Read between the lines
Help me through my words
If I stumble and fall
No worries at all
I’ll rise above, to you, my love

When you lay your eyes on me
There’s nowhere to hide
That gorgeous green shoots through my skin
Straight into my butterflies

Embrace the fear, it’s just a shadow
Caress and kiss, protect our bubble,
We’re submerged into each other


How we lose ourselves into each other, oh,
We’re like magnets, feels so good
To let go

Let’s go flying, let us glide
Take me with you, by your side,
I wanna be there
‘til the day is through

Track Name: Somewhere
Verse 1
Somewhere I can spread my wings to fly,
But I’m waiting and waiting, oh why?
I just need this love to take flight
But inside this bubble I must rise...

Verse 2
Somewhere I can be warm again, and true,
Like a magic spell is broken
And the darkest door falls open
I need to realize, such is life...

That somewhere is right here
Where sun touches earth by my side.
These walls become home when I greet in the light
And all shines

Verse 3
This is where I am bound to find my freedom,
In this open space, echoes bounce,
All around me, space moves out,
I lose myself in sound.

Verse 4
Listen now, let’s make music out of silence,
Life is light and life is darkness
To create some joy out of our sadness,
This rhythm is our life

Where all shines.....
Track Name: Dreaming
When you hold me tight
I can truly say
that there's no tomorrow
only today

When you whisper softly in my ear
oh, the words I hear
Your soft caresses
oh, your heart so near

You are so relentless
in your pursuit
you really start forgetting
how love could be so blue

Keep walking these halls in the dark
keep walking these floors
this rhythm of longing is taking me slowly
I'm drifting along

One of these mornings
I'm gonna find myself next to you
This force keeps pulling me, like a rope
You pull me like a rope

You are so relentless
in your pursuit
you really start forgetting
how love could be so blue
Track Name: Angel
Beyond the night, above the sea
She will arise, she will be free
Two eyes like stars, reflecting thee
The world will look in disbelief

So beautiful... the angels will adore her

Each day will pass, she'll learn new things
With grace, she plays and while she sleeps
Each rose will dress in morning dew
To welcome her, when night is through

So beautiful... the angels will adore her
Track Name: Submarine
Is this the rhythm pulsing?
Is this the magic forcing itself onto us?

Is this the manifestation
Of love upon our nations
Of universal unity and synchronization?

Is this the light of loving?
Is this the sigh of knowing
That we’re all safe indeed?

How high the challenge ahead?
The force within is higher always
You don’t need to believe, just see
Open your eyes

Khubsurti hamaari nazro(n) ke
Khaayaalo(n) se bohut door hai
(beauty’s so far beyond our wildest imagination)

Your failures and successes
Are not your truest essence
Beauty’s so far beyond
Our wildest imagination
Track Name: Listening
To the dying sound of time
I can still hear a whisper
From my heart, saying "Now,
Now it’s time to break free, to reach out
Now it’s time to surrender all your fears and doubts"

In the darkness of my night
There is hope
You’re my light
You’re my fires burning
You’re my sun
You’re my home

Dance, when you’re broken open
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off
Dance, in the middle of the fighting
Dance, in your blood
Dance, when you’re perfectly free
Track Name: Time to go
Time to go..
I’ll take a little piece of you with me
On the road…
I’ll immerse myself in
Your smell, and your eyes
And your smile
I’ll make a little package
That I will hide
To behold

I’ll take whatever you give me
I’m a beggar for your love

Time to go…
Track Name: Nana
Duermete niño, duerme
Duerme mi alma
Duermete lucerito
de la mañana

Nanita nana
Nanita nana
Duermete lucerito
de la mañana
de la mañana